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I've basically set up this page to show you - the American Freys - some pictures of my grandmother Emma Luise Frey. She was born in Neckarelz (ring a bell? ;-)) on 4 November 1898, lived most of her adult life in Amsterdam where her three children were born, and died on 15 May 1994 in Huizen, a town not far from Amsterdam.

The pictures on the left were taken in one of those booths you find in railway stations and the like. Judging from my face - I'm the one on the left - I must have been around eight years old. This means that the pictures were taken in the year 1967 or thereabouts, when my grandmother was almost 70.

The picture on the right is an enlargement of the first photo.

Below are two photographs from more then a quarter century later. They were taken in July 1993, shortly after the birth of Emma Luise's first great-grandchild, my daughter Marieke. The scans are not great, it seems to have something to do with the photographic paper and the (cheap) pigments it contains...

Whether we, the Dutch descendants of Emma Luise Frey, are related to the American "Freys from Neckarelz" has yet to be found out. We'll look into some church records at the LDS in early 2000.

Emma Luise Frey in her 95th year

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December 1st, 1999
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